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12409 NE San Rafael St
Portland, OR 97230

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ECR History

We began our business in 1986 as East County Recycling, with the belief that recycling was good for the environment and for business. Over the years we've expanded our facility and adopted innovative tools and technologies to maximize recovery rates, reduce recycling costs and protect the environment.

Today we draw on almost 30 years of experience in dry waste recovery to make a positive impact not only on the environment but also on the people, communities and businesses that we serve.

Our Mission

We've committed to our role of environmental leadership by following a simple mission:

  • Provide a one-stop, cost-effective solution for dry material waste recycling
  • Facilitate optimal recycling in the community
  • Protect and preserve our green spaces by reducing landfill disposal
  • Help businesses improve their bottom line through smart recycling

Management Team

    • Vince Gilbert - Owner/President


      • Vern Brown - Vice President/Director of Operations



      Environmentally Conscious Recycling and Resource Recovery Systems are dedicated to maintaining a safe environment – both at the facility and on the road. We regularly hold safety committee meetings to ensure the highest standards. If you notice a problem, please bring it to our attention immediately.

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